SABBA Designs: a sustainable, music-inspired home décor brand

Multi-disciplinary Swiss designer Sabine Baz has created SABBA Designs, a music-inspired home décor brand that aims to “redefine how we approach interior decorating with harmonious design that adapts to different spaces”.

With graphic influences from the Bahaus and Optical arts movements, each product intends to complement interiors residential or commercial, without overpowering or distracting from other decorative elements.

This is done through the use of thoughtful colour pallets, geometry and texture. Sabine’s cross-cultural experience working and living in the US, UK, Italy and Switzerland can be found in her work. After living in Milan for 6 years, she brings together her love for Italy and Switzerland by blending the precision of Swiss graphic design with the quality of Italian luxury.

The notion of music, found in the title of each item, invokes the idea of harmonious composition, capturing these sonic expressions in a visual medium. The first 3 collections include throw blankets, cushions and Fine art Prints.

Each item is made with the utmost attention to sustainability with the use of recycled, biodegradable or certified materials, including up-cycled circular fabrics or textile made from recycled cashmere, which has an environmental impact 5 times lower than that of regular cashmere.

All products are crafted in neighboring European countries for a reduced carbon footprint, more accessible monitoring of quality and ethical manufacturing. All products can be found on the SABBA Designs website as well as select European retailers.

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Sabine Baz

Sabine Baz